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ReinoldMax 1000ml fire extinguishing spray is produced an Lithuania, certified by EBETAM in Greeks laboratory. Our material suppliers are Europe manufacturers, that meet ISO quality standards. Guarantee period of 3 years. Keep in a vertical position.

Technical data

We are a manufacturer of aerosol fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMax based in Lithuania (EU). Our main aim is to produce a high quality product because we talk about serious danger - FIRE! Production approved by EBETAM. 

For cars, boats, caravans or for grilling and camping we suggest ReinoldMax 750ml or ReinoldMax 1000ml. This ecological fire extinguishing spray is suitable for all types of fires including electric equipment up to 1000V. The main difference is longer spraying time. The filling of ReinoldMax is AFFF foam produced by DuPont - the best possible extinguishing solution for aerosol fire extinguishing spray. The can of ReinoldMax  1000ml must be kept all the time in vertical position.

The body of ReinoldMax is aluminium can inside covered with anti-corrosion layer. The bottle has successfully passed through corrosion tests and we as a producer guarantee 3 years shelf life. All raw material suppliers are European producers ISO holders. 
It is our duty to remind you that ReinodlMax is an extra fire safety product for all types of starting fires, not a fire extinguisher according to EN3 norms.

Using ReinoldMax fire extinguishing sprays you will quickly liquidate wood, paper, inflammable fluids, oil, car, rubber and plastic fires. Extinguishes any type of household fire or electric equipment up to 1000V at starting fire stage. ReinoldMax is fire protection for your home, office, car, summer house, during picnic or camping. The can of ReinoldMax fire extinguishing spray must be kept all the time in vertical position.

Documentation: Fire extinguishing spray ReinoldMAX 750 is being produced in accordance with the enterprise’s standard “Production of Foam Extinguishers”. Enterprise standard No. IST 3364805-002:2000. Registration of Standard: Lithuanian Department of Standardization Registration No. 4759. Registration date: September 24th, 2000. Standard approved by Fire Research Centre of the Fire Protection and Rescue Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. Note No.7-I 60 of September 4th,2000. Test report “Portable Fire Extinguisher Testing with a Heightened Voltage of 50 Hz” Test report No. 461-01

Product name: ReinoldMax 1000 
Weight (netto): 1000 g
Weight (brutto): 1200 g
Temperature range: 0ºC…+50ºC/ -20ºC...+50ºC
Fire classes: A B C E
Continuous working time: 30 sec
Length of sprayed flow: 3-5 m
Measurements (Diameter x Height, mm): 80 x 280
Filling agents: Water, extinguishing foam concentrate AFFF by DuPont, gas Nitrogen N2.
Cylinder pressure at 25ºC t: 1.0 MPa
Raw materials:  Aluminium non-welded mono bloc of cylinder shape, inside covered with an anti-corrosion epoxy layer, primed and painted outside.

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