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Powder extinguisher ReinoldMax 2 kg is an universal fire extinguisher especially suitable for fire fighting at an early stage of a fire at home, car fire, etc. ReinoldMax 2 kg fire extinguishers contain ABC 40% ammonium phosphate extinguishing powder is created to extinguish most fires. Suitable for fires in combustible solids (fire class A), flammable liquids (fire class B), flammble gasses (fire class C) and electrical equipment.
ReinoldMax 2 kg is small, simple to use and easy to store. Areas of application include cars, boats and caravans.

Officially tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 3 for fire classes ABC.

Technical data
Model name: RM 2000
Charge weight: 2 kg
Total weight: 3,8 kg
Temperature range: -30ºC/+60ºC
Fire classes: 8A 34B
Discharge time: 10,5 sec.
Extinguishing medium: 40 % ABC powder
Usage: The powder extinguisher is fire protection for your car, boat or caravan. Extinguishes electric equipment up to 1000V.
Documentation: Lithuanian certificate number GTC 100362. Produced and certificated in Lithuania.
Powder fire extinguisher REINOLD MAX 2 kg conform to LST EN 3-6:1999/ A1:1999 and LST EN 3-7:2006.

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