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Automatic powder fire extinguisher is recommended for use in public places. It used both as a main and additional extinguisher.

When the fire extinguisher is activated automatically, the capsule inside the fire extinguisher is ejecting fire extinguishing powder.

Fire extinguisher is recommended to install on 2.5-3.0 m height.

It may extinguish fire within 10 m2 area.

These fire extinguishers are suitable for A, B and C classes fire and also electrical-tools fire.

Where to use?
Technical data

This fire extinguisher recommended to use in public places, like hotels, libraries, archives and so on. It is also perfectly suitable for industrial environment, such as factories or warehouses. It may quickly and efficiently protect the least visited and accessible places.

  • Extinguishing material: ABC powder
  •        Weight of xtinguishing material: 6 kg.
  •        Fires for classes: A, B and C.
  •        Maximum operating pressure: 14 MPa
  •       effective temperatures: -20 ~ + 50 ° C
  •       activation temperature: + 68 ° C
  •       extinguishing time: 9 ~ s
  •       extinguisher weight: 9.2 kg.

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