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Purpose of the product
Moisturizing capsule PYROCOOL TS (Cartridge) is for Class A fire fighting. Used as filler for RAMBOJET syringes and RAMBOMIX mixers. It can also be used to eliminate (purify, neutralize, etc.) the consequences of oil spills.


Material appearance - cylindrical light, waxy mass with no particular odor. Composition - a mixture of sodium alkylbenzenesulfanate and polyethylene glycol. Does not contain hydrogen fluoride. Capsule dimensions: length - 25.50 cm, diameter - 5 cm.


Adjustment of the consumption of the extinguishing solution formed by the washing of the water in the solid cartridge is achieved by adjusting the water pressure to a maximum.


The best effect of the humidifier effect is achieved by activating the maximum water pressure, since at this time the extinguishing intensity and concentration of the extinguishing mixture are highest, and the humidifier forms a sufficiently high quality foam solution with sufficient decomposition period after oil, oil spill, etc.).

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