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Fire is caused by three factors - flammable materials, heat and oxygen. Fire can be extinguished by removing of one of those three components. In this case, a non-flammable separates oxygen.
Cover the fire with ReinoldMax A-I blanket to isolate it from oxygen. In the absence of additional air, the fire should be extinguished. Use it on grease fire-fighting. Never use water! If you spill water on a burning grease the fire will jump up to the ceiling.
Fire blanket is made from a non-combustible glass fiber and packed into a special bag. For more convenient use at home it's attached with the straps.
Fire blanket is the best tool to suppress the fire, the ignition of fat, but it can extinguish burning and household appliances, or clothing. 
Technical data

A-I size: 1,20 x 1,00 m

Made according to LST EN1869: 2000 standarts.

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