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PITBOX box set consists of:

  • Reinforced and unchanged box design for durability.
  • Housing and cover in red.
  • Plastic shovel attached to the box (on request).
  • The TPE sealing rubber on the lid prevents moisture, water and dust from entering the box.
  • Two integrated ergonomic handles on the sides of the box.
  • PITBOX box is suitable for sand, bulk oil sorbents, salt storage.

PITBOX is totally protected from dust and water ingress. Boxes can be stacked in piles for logistics flexibility. This is the top-opening box, capacious and well-designed, it can be useful for several applications: spill kit, sand box, grit box, pick-up box and other. 

Made by Daken. 

Technical data

Dimensions: 650x500x570 mm

Weight: 6.3 kg

Capacity: 108 l

Material: polypropylene, nylon

Main features: stability and solidity, components breakage at high and low temperatures; dust and water ingress. Plastic material with high resistance to: flammability, water and dust ingress, fuel and lubricating oil, UV rays, high and low temperatures.

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