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ReinoldMax foam fire extinguishers are suitable for fighting fires of flammable liquids (fire class B) in addition to fires of combustible solids (fire class A). The foam has a cooling effect and will seal the surface of the burning liquid preventing re-ignition. Foam extinguishers are excellent supplement to powder fire extinguishers. ReinoldMax fire extinguishers are easy to operate for users with basic fire fighting training.

ReinoldMax 6L foam fire extinguisher contains 6L mix of water and AFFF foam. For long and safe use the inside of the cylinder is coated with anti-corrosion layer.

Areas of application include offices, industrial buildings, garages, printing houses, petrol stations and other areas with petroleum products or other flammable liquids.

Tested by MPA Dresden and approved in accordance with EN 3 for fire classes AB.

Suitable for extinguishing electric fires. Frost protected to -20°C.

Technical data

Extinguisher model: Foam fire extinguisher 6 L
Extinguishing medium weight: 6 L
Total weight: 10,10 kg
Temperature range: -20ºC / + 60ºC, +5ºC / +60º

Extinguishing medium:  water, extinguishing foam concentrate AFFF.
Fire classes: 8A 113 B
Continuous working time : 20 sec.                          

Usage: Foam extinguisher is fire protection for your home, office, car, can be used in hospitals, schools, hotels, industry and other public entities.

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